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The Way Of Salvation

Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally and wants to be close to you. He is our salvation and savior. Typical questions tend to arise as time and experiences pass. Questioning yourself and reasons, desiring answers to questions like why He is the only way to salvation, how you can work for His kingdom, and how you can live faithfully according to scripture is just a part of life.

Who is Jesus Christ, and why is he our way to our salvation? Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the author of your salvation. Whereas other religious figures merely claimed to show you the way to salvation, Jesus claimed to be the way to it (John 14:6 NIV). This was a bold thing to say, but He proved it through His death and resurrection.

Prior to Jesus’ arrival, followers of God sacrificed animals on alters to cleanse themselves from sin. The idea here was that sin demands life, a blood payment to cover it. The very nature of sin is disobedience to God. Thus, when sin enters your life, eternal death does too.

The world needed someone who was worthy to offer a sacrifice to cover a multitude of sins. Yet no one but God himself has this power. This sets the stage for Jesus Christ, God in flesh (John 1:14), who is able to take away the sins of mankind. Christ gave His life on the cross, and the blood payment was made, not with the blood of animals, but with the blood of an eternal God.

You should expect nothing less than this from a Creator who loves His creation. It is a creation who pushes away His merciful arms, yet He extends them further still. He is patiently waiting and extending His invitation of fellowship to all who will accept it.

Please contact us to learn more about the plan of salvation or visit our website. Sign up for the FREE Bible course (1-877-711-5214). We want to be a blessing to you.

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