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How you can donate and help support gtkyb


As Christians, we believe access to resources that support and educate on God’s word should be free to those who seek them. Thanks to the assistance of volunteers and donations from churches of Christ and supporters of GTKYB, we can offer daily encouragement from God online.

We have the privilege of providing our free resources to a community of thousands of Christ-seekers. Have you ever wondered how you can better serve God? Consider this an outlet for good, for spreading God’s word online. We appreciate your donations toward this cause. You can use one of the options below to contribute to our ministry and change the lives of those pursuing a relationship with Christ.

ways you can donate:

By Mail

Getting To Know Your Bible

PO Box 314

Summerdale, AL 36580


Through our online form set up with:

Through PayPal

Click on our custom link here:

Or from a desktop, scan our custom PayPal QR code with your smartphone:

QR Code.png

BY SMS/TeXT Message

You can now text your donation to help support GTKYB’s efforts in spreading the Gospel around the world! Send one of the following commands to the number below. It only takes a few seconds!


​GIVE (amount) – creates a one time donation
GIVE WEEKLY (amount) – creates a weekly donation
GIVE MONTHLY (amount) – creates a monthly donation
STATUS – displays a list of recurring donations and your status
HISTORY – displays a list of the last five donations given, regardless of method
SUPPORT – displays a list of available commands

For example, if you want to send a one time $40 donation, you would text Give 40 to the phone number above.

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