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Who We Are
Getting to Know Your Bible is a program dedicated to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Why Our Course?

The purpose of the course offered on GTKYB is to help you get to know God and understand the Bible. Because regardless of your past, the overwhelming and never-ending love of God is for everyone, everywhere.

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get To Know Our Speaker

Billy Lambert has been the speaker on GTKYB since 2006. Prior to that, GTKYB was a local program on the Greater Gulf Coast since 1985.
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We want to thank all of our viewers and listeners of Getting To Know Your Bible. There was a time when people needed to search to find our program on television and/or online. Today you might be hard pressed to find an outlet where the program is not found. Billy Lambert has always done a magnificent job presenting the gospel message, but we made a decision in 2019 to actively pursue every possible outlet to spread that message all over the world. This meant television, radio, internet, etc. We have successfully met and surpassed most of our goals.
Thank you for listening, watching, and contributing financially. Your prayers and encouragement are what keeps this ministry moving forward. God is doing great things with this program.
If you are interested in partnering with us as we take the gospel around the world, please visit our Donate Page to learn more. Your donations are greatly appreciated.
To God be the glory!

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