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Living A Faithful Life

Once you have come to the knowledge of Christ and been baptized for the remission of your sins (Acts 2:38, Mark 16:15), you should strive to live a holy lifestyle that aligns with scripture and that reflects the words of Micah 6:8: “Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

Once you set your focus on Christ, your pilgrimage begins. You will face temptation, tests, and weariness. Remember though that God is with you, and he works everything for the good of those who love him.

In the Book of Revelation, readers discover the prophecy of what is to come. It can be difficult to read and interpret, but it is filled with vivid imagery and symbols. It has more questions than answers. However, there are many sermons on God’s influence and guidance over our lives and how we should live now and how we can live a life worthy of our calling.

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!” (Revelation 5:12).

This world will not always remain under the curse of the Fall. Those who believe in Christ become co-heirs with Him in restoring this world. If you believe, you are God’s workman, created to do goodwill to mankind. You have been redeemed, called by name out of the grip of death, and into the union of a loving Father.

The Christian walk is difficult, but you have many resources, including scripture, to help remind you that God is with you and loves you beyond measure. Please contact us today at 1-877-711-5214 for more information on our free online Bible courses. Let us help guide you to walk enlightened in the light of our Lord.

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