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Dangerous Innovations in the Church

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

For the past few weeks we have noted some departures from the faith and separation from the biblical pattern. Still other innovations that constituted departure were (1) the substitution of sprinkling and pouring for immersion. (The first case of a man having water poured on him was Novatian in A.D. 251); (2) the introduction of human creeds. In A.D. 325 Constantine called a church council at Nice, in Bithynia. From this council emerged the Nicene Creed, which was destined to become the basis of all creeds of the so-called Christian world; (3) there was the addition of instrumental music in worship. Its first appearance in church history was about the sixth century, A.D.

From the first major departure from the faith, there emerged a blending of the powers of church and state. The Pope of the Roman Catholic church, which had come out of the great apostacy, became the highest authority on the earth. During the next twelve hundred years there was what is known in history as the “Dark Ages.” This lasted until the beginning of the sixteenth century. At this time people began to open their eyes and cast aside delusions under which they had been and to exercise more freedom of thought.

This marks the beginning of that period of history known as the Reformation. Specifically, Martin Luther. We will share more insight about him and his works in the next blog.

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