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A Promise of Strength

(Billy Lambert)

Tough times are a part of the Christian journey. However, the Bible is filled with encouraging scriptures to give you hope when you think you have reached your limit. Use this article as a resource for how to find bible verses about strength and hope in God’s word.

The seven miracles from Jesus are a great source of inspirational scripture that will inspire and encourage you whenever you feel down. If you give Christ a chance, he will redeem you from your frustrations, just as he intervened in Cana of Galilee to avert an embarrassment as seen in John 2:1-11.

Your doubts are also addressed in John 4:46-54, which encourages you to walk in faith, and believe in a spiritual solution for your troubles. By feeding 5,000 people with just five loaves and two fish, Jesus reminds you that he will meet your desires regardless of your situation.

Similarly, discouragement and low moments in your life can lower your faith in God. The same happened to Timothy, but Paul was there to offer guidance that rejuvenated Timothy’s faith in God. Human as you are, discouragements are bound to happen, but your faith does not have to suffer if you choose to seek spiritual guidance from God. God provides this guidance in His word through His servants like Paul. 2 Timothy 2:14 reminds you to stir up your gift in God. The scripture cautions you against folding your hands towards the word of God. You should make the Bible your daily companion to keep you encouraged and strengthened in your day-to-day life.

For as much as you read scripture, it is also important in your walk with God to put your faith in action. Your faith will bear fruits only if you are ready to act. Put together a plan with goals and objectives for you to make progress in your family life, job, or business. Most of the things you admire were once just ideas that were later actualized through human effort and faith in God. Philippians 4:13-17 reminds you that God has given you the power to accomplish all your desires. Your idea today might be the next inspiration to the world, but first, you will need to take a step of faith to implement it.

God will always bless and strengthen those who look up to Him for help, and your faith in Him will help you fulfill your desires in life. However, for you to benefit from His unending love, you must live according to His teachings. God desires that you seek Him in truth and fear Him. You can simply find comfort through scriptures on encouragement for the day, such as Proverbs 9:10, reminding you that God promises to reward those who fear Him with wisdom. Your strength comes from God, but you must learn how to seek it.

The fear of God also helps you understand His most encouraging characteristic: long-suffering toward you. God is patient and merciful towards you even when your faith in Him is diminishing. He keeps His grace and forgiveness fresh for you. However, you must learn that His patience will not last for eternity. A day will come and God will judge you according to your actions and deeds. You must, therefore, prepare for the Day of Judgment by living according to His teachings. As you seek to accomplish your day to day activities, always remember to include God in your plans.

Your Bible has a solution for every shortcoming in your life. However, perusing it alone from page to page may not provide you with what you need. Every Christian needs guidance on how to get an inspirational scripture to revive their faith when they feel low. We want to encourage you to grab you Bible or search online for Bible passages.

Spiritual guidance from God helps you live a fulfilling life and teaches you how to deal with the happy and sorrowful moment. For instance, the scriptures will guide you on how to deal with depression, which sometimes takes a heavy toll on Christians.

When you feel low and discouraged, looking for encouraging scriptures can lift your spirits. There are many Bible verses about the strength that will help you deal with your weaknesses and help you to live according to God’s plan. Encouragement from these scriptures will also help you plan to put your life on a better path. After all, spiritual guidance from God is the best source of strength.

You do not have to fight your battles alone. If you would like to learn more about God’s promise of strength, contact us today at 1-877-711-5214 for more information or email us at May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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