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Getting To Know Your Bible has some BIG news!

We are broadening our worldwide digital footprint and launching GTKYB on We have been extremely successful in landing in the top 1% of all religious podcasts and top 10% of all podcasts worldwide. We have hundreds of views, listens, downloads and shares each month from the 22 platforms in addition to the programs on TV and YouTube. After considering our options for the past two years we have decided to build our legacy in the digital world. And why not with the best! We thought we might help to answer some important questions about

WHAT IS PRAY.COM? is the #1 app in the world for daily prayer and Biblical audio content. is a free mobile app that provides users with access to a variety of Bible readings, daily prayers, and other spiritual resources. The app is designed to help users stay connected to their faith and to provide them with a convenient way to access spiritual guidance and support. offers a variety of features, including daily devotionals, Bible readings, and prayer reminders. It also provides users with access to a community of like-minded individuals who can offer support and encouragement. also offers a variety of tools to help users stay organized and on track with their spiritual journey, such as a prayer journal, prayer reminders, and a prayer wall. is a great resource for anyone looking to deepen their faith and stay connected to their spiritual life. This is where GTKYB needs to be and the churches of Christ need to be represented.


In addition to having our content (within the next few weeks), it provides inspiration, sleep meditations, and scheduled accountability for daily Bible reading. Make prayer and Bible study a priority through an app that does the heavy lifting for you. Listen to GTKYB on the radio and watch programs on the video portion. Plus we’ll have hundreds of podcasts and all previous GTKYB programs as early as May 8 available on demand. You’ll be able to search and share any broadcast in a matter of seconds. If you are current user you may have noticed that one of the latest update features has been the highly anticipated single sign-on (SSO) feature. You can now have a seamless and secure authentication process using Facebook, Apple or Google to sign up or log in. It is much easier to log in and easier to share content on most platforms with the click of a button.


Using is easy and intuitive. To get started, users can create an account and customize their profile. Once you've have done this, you can begin exploring the app. The Bible reader allows users to read and study the Bible in a variety of translations. The daily devotionals provide users with a daily dose of spiritual encouragement. The prayer wall allows users to post their prayers and receive encouragement from other users. The calendar helps users stay organized and the journal allows them to track their spiritual growth. Additionally, users can access a library of audio and video content, including sermons, podcasts, and devotionals. We do not endorse all of the sermons or devotional content, but promise that our content will be biblically sound and scripturally based. One great feature is daily Bible readings from James Earl Jones!


We were first made aware of this app and the opportunity to partner with them in 2019. Other than staff using the app, and some brief research, we held off to see if the app would be successful. Now, in 2023, is a wildly successful sources for finding Christian content. is a great tool for those looking to stay connected to their faith.

PROS...The app provides users with a variety of features to help them stay organized and grow spiritually. The Bible reader, daily devotionals, and prayer wall are all great features that help users stay connected to their faith. Additionally, the library of audio and video content is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the Bible and the religious views of various denominations. The calendar and journal are also great tools for staying organized and tracking spiritual growth. GTKYB will be available worldwide with the click of a button. Very soon our programs will automatically have closed captioning and translate into nearly every language you could imagine! This is the benefits of AI and digital technology. Follow us for more updates on this part of the work.

CONS... There are some drawbacks to using The app is only available on iOS and Android devices, so users with other devices may not be able to access the app. Additionally, the app is only available in English, so users who speak other languages may not be able to use the app. Also the app does not offer any in-app purchases, so users may have to purchase additional content from other sources. Finally, the app has dozens of other resources that GTKYB will not endorse. This is part of the nature of religious broadcasting. This is similar to what happens on television or on your favorite podcast channels. There is much false teaching in the world and some of it may be before or after our broadcast. We encourage followers to use extreme caution when viewing other content and maintain their study with an open Bible.


Yes! We have pre-recorded programs already in post-production for the summer and early Fall. Those programs will be available as podcasts soon after their television release dates. We will be dropping our programs from Impact TV but will continue to run on the Cowboy Channel, GEB and other local markets. Get a full list of places to watch on our website ( The success of the Spotify podcast insures that we will run new programs for the foreseeable future. Thank you for watching and listening.


These decisions are made with due diligence and much prayer. We have counted the cost and have made adjustments to our budget to ensure we can financially afford this new endeavor. The Summerdale Church of Christ has agreed to help fund this work until we are able to find additional funds to sustain it. We would like to raise about $10,000 more in monthly donates to facilitate this leap of faith. We have amazing donors and are confident that God will provide. Please consider helping us in this work. We need your help to get the gospel into the hands (eyes and ears) of people worldwide. Click the link provided to donate to GTKYB monthly ( One time donations are also gladly accepted. Thank you in advance for your help!

Finally, please pray for this endeavor! Our goal in to ensure that this program will impact many more people to obey the gospel. We need your prayers for the continued success of this program. Pray for our host Billy Lambert and for the GTKYB staff. More updates will be coming soon! Thank you and may God bless you!

Ray Reynolds

Marketing Director for GTKYB

Please sign up for our FREE Bible correspondence course and check out our YouTube channel to see all the latest shows. Have you watched the Getting To Know Your Bible telecast? Click here to find out where you can watch in your area. Our goal is to encourage you to get to know your Bible. Also, check out our GTKYB podcast. For more information about our ministry please visit our website at

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