How to Seek God Diligently

You need to seek God diligently even in these busy times. He is never too busy for you, so why should you be too busy for Him?

God wants salvation for everyone. If technology provides the resources for you to get closer to God, then use it to pursue Him.

Whom are you seeking diligently?

This may seem like a funny question, but for non-believers it is an important one. For many non-believers, if scientific approaches cannot prove something, then it must not exist. Non-believers will see this as nonsense and “blind faith.”

Believers see it differently and certainly not as “blind faith.”

In a believer’s world, if there is no evidence against it, then it can still be plausible. If a non-believer says, “There is no evidence for God, so God must not exist,” then you should say they have no evidence to prove that He does not exist.

God is the answer to the question of diligence. Even the person who does not believe in God still thinks about Him, the God who loves you unconditionally and gave you free will to accept or reject Him without coercion.

Why are you seeking God diligently?

This also may seem like a funny question. You already know God is out there, so why are you seeking Him?

To be forgiven by God, we must be forgiving. Although this sounds like a fairly simple principle by which to live, it is not easy to live within it, or be a part of it. Consider for example one’s road rage, your last trip to the DMV, or standing in a long line at the grocery store. You probably did not have a very forgiving attitude. It is through this forgiving attitude, however, that we become redeemed.

Redemption is what allows us into the kingdom of heaven.Saul experienced this and found that God will not be pleased by religion alone. Saul was a Phariseeand followed the law strictly. Pharisitic law did not and will not grant you the key to the kingdom of heaven. Those who display genuine godly acts from the inside — the “pure in heart” as Matthew 5:8 calls them — will please God and truly experience Him. The appearance of holiness — the rituals or attire — does not necessarily mean one is holy on the inside, and God knows this.
Bible studies and religion are important, but they are not the key to the kingdom of heaven. It is through godly acts, not study of the Word alone, that will grant us all access to the kingdom of heaven. You must practice it, and make it your life, because your heavenly Father’s redemption is the reason why you seek God diligently.

Do not just read the Bible. Live the Bible. Seek God diligently in part so that others see God in you.

What are you seeking diligently?

There is not an obvious answer to this question. Many diligent people do not know what it means to become redeemed. Diligence sometimes will only lead you to some form of religion, but it will give you no concept of saving faith.

This is again what Saul experienced with his Pharisitic beliefs. Ultimately, in seeking God with diligence, you are seeking redemption. This redemption allows you to know that God is there for you always. You are not too much for Him. He can handle you. Because of this, Saul needed to turn from his Pharisitic ways to enter into  the kingdom of heaven.

In seeking God with diligence, you are seeking redemption. This is a very humbling thought to some people. We need to be humble servants for the Lord. Instead of praying to God, telling Him how big your problems are, you really should be telling your problems how big God is.

You are seeking the kingdom by seeking God diligently.


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