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Faith is an interesting concept. It asks us to believe in something we cannot see or feel. But there are signs of God all around us in the sunrise and sunset, in a child’s laughter, in serving others, in song and art and community and love and scripture.

In your journey through faith, you may have wondered, “How can I better serve God?” or “How do I show my love for God?” With GTKYB’s lessons about faith, hope, and love online, you can learn about discipleship, loving God and others, and deepening your faith. You may not be able to see God, but He created you in His own image to love and serve others as He has loved and served you.

"We have been watching your Bible program on TCT and both love it. Messages straight from the Bible are the best ones and the people on this program do a wonderful job presenting God's message. It is our hope and prayer that you stay on the air for a very long time. God's peace and blessings to you."

Duane and Amy Smith Rochester, N.Y.viewer

"I really enjoy your program it's similar to preaching the word in a church in the comfort of my own home instead! Thank you your doing the Lords work and I am learning so much and growing my faith by watching your program! Thank you for going by the Bible Gods word!"


Tammy Minton - Paducah, KY

"I will be making a donation to this program because I do get spiritually feed when I watch this program on television. I want to say thank you for the program as well as for the bible course. May GOD greatly bless this program and all who is involved in making this a success in helping those who need GOD as well as for those who are seeking to know GOD in a greater way. My prayers will be for GOD to continue to help this program to be even more successful than what it already is, as well as for GOD to protect it from the attacks from Satan. May GOD greatly bless this ministry for many more generations to come."

Matt Hempstead - N.Y.Viewer

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"The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working" James 5:16